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About our company

Canapex Immigration Consulting Corp. has been established since 2008 in Vancouver, Canada, aiming to help clients to find the right products to their immigration needs, also to travel easier around the world.

In this direction Canapex has developed a vast knowledge about different investor category immigration and citizenship products from around the world. Countries we offering are Canada, USA, UK, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Austria, Cyprus, Dominica, Panama, Turk and Caicos island,Portugal and most recently Antigua.

Our target markets where we have our own offices are Canada, China and most recently we are in discussion with a law firm in UAE in order to establish one office in Dubai targeting Russian and Indian also other Middle Eastern countries.

Our team at Canapex Immigration Consulting Corp. consists of Drs, lawyers, immigration consultants, also Business people with experience in immigration services.

We at canapex have more than 30 years of experience in immigration.

Canapex has almost a 100% rate of success, for instance in saint Kitts we have had tens of files (more than 40 cases); all of the applications were successful. Here at Canapex we get our role in serious in prescreening our clients; we do our due diligence before presenting the clients in front of any immigration board. We feel that this is the right approach; our mission is to evaluate and filter the clients before they are in front of any immigration board.

We do care about our reputation, we also believe that its our duty to properly collaborate with the immigration boards; furthermore, helping them to evaluate a client properly, we think that we are part of the immigration system of a country, believing this is for every bodies sake involved in this process. We believe that this is a service, which needs high standard of morals, and we don't see it as a mere business.

We believe that the evaluation and eligibility of a client starts right at our immigration office.

We have our own offices in different countries; our head office is located in Vancouver BC, Canada.

We have opened our second office recently in Guangzhou china.

Canapex is running its duties under the control of the larger holding company that has Mitaco business consulting with MBAs and CAs as shareholder; as part of the same holding company so at Canapex we can provide business consulting to our investors in order to complete our mission.

Our Team


Dr. Alaeddin Ahmadi

Dr. Alaeddin Ahmadi, a Canadian citizen; the main shareholder; president and managing director of Canapex, who has a great deal of experience in international business environment; also a vast knowledge about different immigration and citizenship programs of different countries.Dr.Ahmadi is the only team member who has the immigration knowledge about all these 21 centuries which Canapex serves its clients and also he is very well connected in these countries.He is a master student in LLM international commercial law.












Mr. Shervin Madani

Mr. Shervin Madani is an associate of Canapex, Born in Iran, Shervin grew up in Tehran till the age of 11. He moved to Germany and lived there before moving to Canada in 1993. After finishing college, he worked in the private sector before moving to the government. He started his government career at the Canada Revenue Agency. In 2007, Shervin was selected to attend the Border Services Officer training program in Riguad, Quebec. After successfully finishing this program, he was stationed at the Pacific border crossing as a Border Services Officer. In this role, Shervin enforced Canadian Immigration and Customs law. As part of his duties he assessed work permit, visitor visa, study permit, and refugee applications that were presented at the Port of Entry. In 2012, after finishing the Ashton College Immigration Consultant Diploma program, Shervin pursued a career as a self-employed immigration consultant. Shervin also started teaching at Ashton in 2016.

Mr. Simon Trela

Mr. Simon Trela was accepted to the University of Alberta Law School from which he graduated in 2004. Simon was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 2006.He was Chair of the Citizenship and Immigration Alberta Northern Section from 2010-2012. Simon has provided advice to the Media and also appeared on CTV news where he offered his opinions on several legislative topics in areas of Immigration law. Simon continues to appear on the Polish radio in Edmonton where he updates members of his Polish Community on any developments in that area.














Mr. Francis NG

Mr. Francis NG ia one of our immigration consulting, is a Canadian citizen and has over 25 years of experience in Canadian immigration, Francis is an approved and Certified Immigration Consultant, also a teacher/instructor for Canadian immigration consultancy program, he is heading a department where he is teaching immigration for the last 10 years, at the Ashton college of Vancouver BC, Francis is teaching the same program at the university of British Colombia Canada (UBC) recently. Francis has several academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Marketing and Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong and a Diploma in Management Development from the Graduate School of Business, Harvard University. He has an excellent track record of success in dealing with the Chinese and Hong Kong immigrants to Canada.

Ms. Lily Kit Ling Tong

Ms. Lily Kit Ling Tong ,a Canadian citizen, an associate and shareholder of the Canapex, with a good knowledge in marketing and sales for more than 20 years, She is our regional Vice President for the China and Hong Kong.

Dr. Armando Stocco Neto

Dr.Armando Stocco Neto is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) in good standing.


Mr.Yohan Park

Yohan Park is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) in good standing who provides assistance to clients on various immigration programs. He holds several academic qualification, inclduing B.G.S. from Thompson Rivers University, Dip. Medical Laboratory Science from BCIT and Dip. Immigration Consultation from Ashton College in Vancouver. In addition to his career as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant from South Korea, he understands the need of Korean clients.

Our Associates

Dr.Kenneth Ballantyne

Dr.Kenneth Ballantyne who has over 25 years international experience in legal. Dr.Ballantyne was Solicitor General at Government of The Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis and then improved to be legal adviser at Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis, while he was adviser at government, he was the head of immigration by investment unit in St.Kitts and Nevis as well.

Why choose us


Clientele includes affluent investors and their families. We also provide consulting and services to stakeholders such as banks, law firms, and family offices to streamline application processes and ensure the success of clients’ investments.


More than two decades of experience in multiple jurisdictions have enabled our team to develop an extensive, global network of partners and agents with whom we work. Let Our consultants assist in developing a financial strategy for you and your family, including bringing on board professionals to help us execute your investing goals.


Citizenship by Investment Programs can be a means of achieving diversification of investments, financial success, and greater freedom of movement. Several countries offer Citizenship by Investment Programs, which provide opportunities to acquire, manage, and develop real estate as a path to citizenship, or as a means of furthering financial and tax planning goals.

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