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Saint Lucia’s passport acquired through its Citizenship by Investment Program facilitate visa-free travel to more than 120 countries. Holders of a Saint Lucia passport can visit the UK, Hong Kong and the Schengen area without visa.

Saint Lucia recognizes dual citizenship, which can prove advantageous for business expansion and tax relief. Other benefits include the following:

-Application processing within three to four months.

-No tax on worldwide income in Saint Lucia.

-The Program does not require the applicant to reside in the country.

-All required documents may be filed remotely.



Saint Lucia National Economic Fund is a special fund established under Section 33 of the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015. To qualify for citizenship applicants must fulfill one of the investment options below in addition to meeting the following criteria:

-Be of outstanding character.

-Hold no criminal record.

-Pass a diligence background check along with their qualifying dependents over the age of 18.

-Have a high personal net worth.

-Main applicant must be at least 18 years of age.


The government adopted the citizenship by investment program as one of the mechanisms to promote economic growth, attract developments, increase foreign direct investment to the country, support the development of infrastructure and provide for a sustainable future. As a result, investors can choose from several options to qualify for the program.


1. Donation to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund

Donation to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund of at least USD 100,000, depending on the number of dependents.



2. Real Estate Investment

Investment in an approved real estate development USD 300,000 (minimum).


3. Business Establishment

Investment in an approved enterprise project USD 3,500,000.

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