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US tourist visa overview

The United States of America is the top economic power in the world, the home of technology start-ups and the host of the best universities in the world, but this does not distract us about the natural, historical and recreational attractions of the United States. This country is the third most populous country in the world and the third largest country in the world, and in terms of race and diversity of people, it is the most diverse country in the world. The United States consists of 48 contiguous states, and two separate states, namely the Alaska Peninsula in the northwest of the American continent and the Hawaiian archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The traces obtained from the life of the first Canadian aborigines show that people lived in the northernmost part 26,000 years ago and in the southernmost part more than 9,000 years ago.

Those who receive this visa go to America for recreation or treatment. This visa is valid for 6 months and its holders do not have the right to work or study in America.

American B2 visa
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The B1 business visa is just like the six-month B2 visa, but allows its holders to engage in business activities. This visa is issued for visits and business trips, but this permission does not mean a work permit.

American B1 visa
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There are different types of US visas according to the purpose and conditions of the applicants. In general, American tourist visas can be divided into two non-immigrant categories: B1 visa (for business), B2 visa (for tourism or treatment).

Types of US visas
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Documents required for US tourist visa

Apart from the face-to-face interview with the visa officer at one of the American embassies, you also need the following documents:

  • Documents required for US tourist visa
  • Reasons for tourist visa rejection
  • Terms of tourist visa extension

Required Documents

• Filling in the DS160 application form online
• Uploading Biometric photo
• Requesting an interview time online
• Paying a fee equal to 160 USD to carry out the visa application review process
• Original passport valid for at least 6 months
• Presenting the print of embassy interview appointment
• Clear background certificate
• Proof of financial ability and providing a 6-month bank statement with a minimum account balance of 15 thousand US dollars.
• Submission of letters and documents related to work exprience
• Presenting educational qualifications
• Presentation of invitation letter
• Providing round trip tickets

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Reasons rejection

• Not having adequate financial capability
• Failure to submit property documents for approval
• Dishonesty or not telling important things such as the history of visa rejection, having a political background, etc.
• Applying for a tourist visa for the whole family
• Not having a compelling reason for a tourist trip
• Being pregnant
• Providing an invitation letter from a person who is a US refugee
• Any other issue that makes the visa officer think that your trip is not essentially a tourist trip

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• حضور فرد در کشور آمریکا قانونی باشد
• تمامی موارد ذکر شده که در زمان دریافت ویزا برای سفارت ارائه شده است همچنان وجود داشته باشد.
• پاسپورت متقاضی دارای اعتبار باشد
• دچار جرم و جنایت در مدت زمان حضور خود در این مدت نشده باشد
• توانایی ارائه مدارک قانع کننده برای تمدید ویزای خود را داشته باشد

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Terms of tourist visa extension

• The person's presence in the United States is legal
• All the mentioned items that were presented to the embassy at the time of receiving the visa should still be present.
• Applicant's passport must be valid
• He has not committed a crime during his stay in this period
• Have the ability to provide convincing documents to extend your visa.

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United States Consulate General in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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US Consulate General in Turkey, Ankara

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Consulate General of the United States in Armenia, Yerevan