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Benefits of investing in Canada

Investing in Canada is one of the best ways to immigrate to this country. If the investment is done correctly and in consultation with an expert and experienced team, it will not only preserve your capital, but also become profitable. Apart from this, you can hope that you’ll attract local funds to your business in this way. In fact, the investment paths in Canada are very diverse because the Canadian government wants to attract foreign investors with every taste and purpose.

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Investment-based immigration is one of the most common and popular methods, especially for those who have significant capital and do not want to be involved in the numerous obstacles of other types of immigration.

  • By investing in Canada, you will be at the heart of the world economy.
  • Investing in Canada is generally the most cost-effective way to immigrate through selected provincial programs.
  • Staying in Canada equals free insurance services.

Invest in Canada by buying real estate

The most traditional way of investing in Canada and many other countries is buying real estate. Keep in mind that the Canadian real estate market is young and attractive, but tortuous. Buying real estate in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec is possible for foreigners without restrictions, but the conditions are different in other regions and provinces. Note that buying real estate in Canada does not necessarily leads to obtaining investor residence. If you are looking for investment visa, you should try other ways.

To immigrate to Canada through provincial investment, you must earn enough points based on that province's scoring system. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is different for each Canadian province and territory, but several thousands of dollars in capital and good command of English or French are the requirements.

Provincial investment
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Alberta is one of the most attractive provinces in Canada. Alberta's growing economy is one of its attractions. Applicants to immigrate to Canada must have the work experience and skills required by the province of Alberta. A minimum of CAD 500,000 is required to immigrate to Alberta. Of course, this amount may be different according to the proposed plan.

Invest in Alberta, Canada
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British Columbia is one of the most popular destinations for those planning to immigrate to Canada. Along with Toronto and Vancouver, this city has always been chosen as one of the best cities in the world to live in by various international organizations. British Columbia investment immigration is offered in the following 3 categories: business skills category, strategic project category, regional business category, despite the difference in these categories, keep in mind that all of these require capital of more than 500 thousand dollars and this plan cannot be achieved easily.

Investment in British Columbia, Canada
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Manitoba is one of the growing and dynamic provinces in the center of Canada with stunning scenery. Investment requirements in Manitoba include a minimum personal net worth of 350,000 Canadian dollars and an investment of at least 150,000 Canadian dollars plus at least 3 years of work experience.

Investment in Manitoba, Canada
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Investing in Canada through company registration

One of the ways to invest in Canada is to register a company. Companies that are registered in Canada, are either established in the federal form, or in the form of provincial activities. These ways require significant capital. Remember that registering a company is different from entrepreneurship. And registering a company does not necessarily lead to obtaining residency.

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Invest in Canada by buying government bonds

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world and has an active stock market. Canadian stocks and bonds can be purchased directly from the Canadian Stock Exchange (TSX) or Canadian National Stock Exchange (CSE) or through exchange-traded funds or through American ETFs. Buying a franchise in Canada and self-employment are other ways to invest in Canada. Remember that to gain residency you’ll need the investment that leads to entrepreneurship, production and employment of Canadians.

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