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About Portugal

If you are looking to immigrate to a different, developed and attractive country, it is not a bad idea to take a look at Portugal instead of the famous destinations these days; The land of Cristiano Ronaldo.
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Portugal passport

Portugal is the fifth most powerful passport in the world, and immigration will be a multi-purpose choice. Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe. Its population is approximately 10.5 million, its capital is Lisbon, its official language and the majority religion are Christianity.

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The currency of Portugal is the Euro. This country is a member of the European Union and NATO, and its government is a parliamentary republic. Portugal is a developed country with a significant economy

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The capital of Portugal

The capital of Portugal is the city of Lisbon, which has a population of half a million. Porto with 238 thousand people and Braga with 189 thousand people are the biggest cities in Portugal. These days, we probably know Portugal mostly with Porto and Mehdi Tarimi - its Iranian star - but the fact is that this small and quiet European country is an attractive destination for immigration.

Portuguese economy

Work, investment, property purchase, etc. are all methods of immigrating to this country. Among all immigration methods in Portugal - like many other countries - education can be considered as one of the easiest and cheapest ways to immigrate. By studying in Portugal, students will have the experience of studying in the best universities in Europe with the most suitable tuition fees and costs, and it will be easier for them to work in this country in the future.
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Portugal job offer visa

To work in Portugal, you must have a job suggestion, known as a Job Offer. Your employer must first publish his ad in Portugal and prove that he could not find any eligible Portuguese citizens or citizens of EU member states to employ. This is where he is allowed to attract foreign workers.

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Portugal job seeker visa

Another way to work in Portugal is the job seeker visa. With this visa, you can stay in Portugal for six months and look for work. This method is currently not active for Iranians.

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Portugal scholarship

The Portugal Scholarship is available to outstanding and deserving students with a high GPA and a strong academic resume and excellent academic record, but it requires competition.

Residence in Portugal

Residence in Portugal with investment is one of the best ways to obtain residence and immigrate to Portugal. In the sub-categories of investment, there are conditions that even without investment and only by showing that you intend to invest, you can get residency in Portugal. However, keep in mind that not every road ends to residency.
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Immigrate to Portugal through investment

The Portuguese government has introduced an investment immigration program for those people who have adequate capital. These programs are attractive but complex and their enthusiasts need professional and experienced advisors.

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Buying property in Portugal

You can also get an investment residence by buying a property. In this type of investment, you can buy properties in the price range of 280, 350 and 500 thousand euros. When buying properties for 280,000 and 350,000 euros, you will get a property that is more than three decades old in terms of building and needs to be renovated. But in buying a property worth 500 thousand euros, the applicant is free to buy any property.

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Portuguese residency through company registration

Residency in Portugal is also possible through company registration and requires a business plan. The capital required to register a company in Portugal and obtain Portuguese residency is 25,000 euros, which is even cheaper than registering a company in Turkey.

Immigrate to Portugal by educational immigration

Studying in Portugal can be considered as one of the most carefree and safest ways to immigrate to this country. According to, more than 50,000 foreign students immigrate to Portugal every year to study. Portugal is one of the most affordable countries popular with expats, especially international students.

  • Undergraduate studies
  • Postgraduate studies
  • Doctorate studies

Undergraduate studies

Bachelor's degree is usually 4 years and the student must complete 180 to 240 academic units. The possibility of working while studying is available for students, which includes 20 hours of work per week.

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Postgraduate studies

This level of study is usually two years and the student must complete 90 to 120 academic units. You have a student work permit of 30 per week.

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Doctorate studies

Education at this stage usually takes 3 to 5 years and is usually in the form of research and ends with the submission of a thesis. During this period, 40 hours of work per week are allowed.

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Immigrate to Portugal via work permit

One of the most popular ways to immigrate to any country is work immigration. But the process of issuing a Portuguese work visa is a bit complicated and requires going through many legal procedures. As a result, our recommendation is to use an experienced and professional immigration team. To use this method, a Portuguese employer must send you a job application and act as your sponsor. To obtain a work visa in Portugal, you need to have special expertise and skills so that the Portuguese work-related departments allow you to be recruited.