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Skilled workforce

Since long ago, one of the best ways to immigrate to Canada was to immigrate as a specialized workforce. A growing economy and a relatively small population have made Canada host more than 3,000 skilled workers every year, ranging from doctors to carpenters. Immigration to Canada through work permit is usually a program that requires the Canadian government to create a new business for these immigrants and increase entrepreneurship in Canada in a new way. Another reason for this program is to fill the gaps in Canada's skilled workforce.

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Along with work imigration, skilled workforce immigration is also one of the best and cheapest ways to immigrate to Canada. Among the benefits of skilled workforce immigration to Canada, we can mention the following:

  • A healthy and competitive economy
  • The possibility of job promotion
  • The possibility of starting a personal business
  • Canada's favorable and growing economic situation and presence in a healthy and free economy
  • Appropriate level of well-being and social services
  • Low taxes and business start-up costs

Canada work visa conditions in 2022

There are many ways to immigrate to Canada, and this diversity also applies to the migration of specialized workfoce. There are two main ways to immigrate to Canada: the Skilled Worker program or having a job offer from a Canadian employer. The general conditions for a Canadian work visa are very simple and include the following:

In the IMP program, you can run a business from Iran and after some time apply for a visa and request that you intend to run your business in person. In this way, it is possible to immigrate with your family and convert a temporary work visa to a permanent residence.

Work migration with IMP
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The cost of a Canadian work visa includes the cost of requesting documents from the Canadian embassy, the cost of fingerprinting, and several other items, which vary depending on the type of work visa. Factors affecting the cost include the job category, the level of specialization of the job, taking special courses for the desired job, etc.

Cost of Canadian work visa
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Obtaining a Canadian work visa based on the skill worker rating

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Canadian work visa

Express Entry

  • Education

    Master's degree

  • Age

    Under 30

  • work experience

    At least 3 years

  • Language Competency

    IELTS 7

    Financial Competency

    At least 30,000 CAD

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Canadian work visa

Skilled workforce Scoring

  • Education

    At least a bachelor's degree

  • Age

    Less than 40 years

  • Work Experience

    at least 3 years according to your education

  • Language Competency

    Minimum IELTS score of 6.5


    The applicant's field of study must be in the list of required occupations in Canada

How to get a Canadian work visa?

etting a Canadian work visa depends on your ability to meet all the requirements for your desired visa. It should be noted that all applicants of work immigration to Canada are given temporary permission to live in this country at the same time as obtaining a work visa. The next important point is that work immigration to Canada is possible in several ways, which will be reviewed here.

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