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Lottery overview

The American lottery visa should be considered the most famous type of visa in this country - a visa that has become a well-known term in many parts of the world. The U.S. Green Card Lottery is a visa diversity program overseen by the U.S. Congress and is awarded annually to 55,000 people from countries with a lower chance of immigrating to the U.S. This program is called "green card lottery" or "dvlottery" and its winners are selected from among 10-12 million people who apply for this visa every year.

Lottery means trying your chance, and the US lottery visa is a visa program that is donated to applicants through a lottery. The US Green Card Lottery is a visa diversity program under the supervision of the US Congress.

What is the lottery?
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The lottery visa was first introduced in the 1940s as the Foreigners Registration Card. The first ID was the size of a credit card with green text and a green photo. Since then the term “green card” became famous.

Lottery visa
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US recieves many immigrants from China, Japan or Mexico every year. For this reason, US government distributes the chance of immigration among other countries with less chances in order to maintain racial diversity in this country.

Why does US do this?
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What are the US lottery requirements?

It can almost be said that there is no special condition for registering in the lottery except for being in the quota of the countries in question. You do not have an age limit to register, you do not need to provide a language certificate, and you will register completely free of charge. In recent years, having a passport was added to the few lottery registration conditions.

  • Lottery registration conditions
  • Lottery registration fee
  • Multiple odds for the lottery

So the lottery registration conditions are as follows:

• Your country of birth should be according to the political maps of the United States and you are allowed to register. Iranians were not allowed during the Trump terms of office. • Have reasonable education or work experience, High school education or 12-year diploma equivalent or two years of work experience within the last five years • Have a passport

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Many people ask, how much it costs to register for an American green card? The answer to this question is one word; Zero. You don't need to pay a dollar or a cent to sign up for the lottery

You can register directly through the American residency lottery site at and upload the necessary documents. In this case, you absolutely do not need to pay any fees.

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All people who register in the US lottery are looking for an increase in the chance of winning the lottery, but there is no such chance. If you are looking to register multiple times, be sure to wait! This will remove you from the lottery altogether.

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Steps after winning the lottery

To issue a lottery visa, you need two photos and a translation of documents including birth certificate, passport, certificate of no criminal record, certificate of financial resources and bank statement, documents related to marriage or celibacy, work records and certificates related to custody of children. Depending on the documents, the cost of your cash varies.

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Translation of documents

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Medical examinations

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Green card issuance