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Why startup and why Canada?

For years, immigrating to Canada has been a favorite option for Iranian youth, investors and families, and still, many seek to immigrate and continue life in Canada. Along with the classic immigration methods and capabilities, one of the most recent ways to immigrate to this country is to get a “Canadian Startup Visa”.

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Canada's largest cities are the perfect hosts for new startups. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are world-class cities with a lot of opportunities to explore. The best motifs to create an attractive startup can be found in Canada.

  • • Canada's human capacities
  • • World-class universities
  • • The influx of venture capital companies into Canada

Guide to obtaining a Canadian startup visa

In short, to get a “Canadian Startup Visa”, you have three basic steps ahead: the most important qualifications for immigrating to Canada through the startup program are:

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Having an idea and a creative business plan
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Your plan must create jobs for Canadians. The higher the capacity, the better

Creating jobs for Canadians
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Once everything got ready you need to find a Canadian venture capitalist to back you.

Getting a recommendation letter from a Canadian investor
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Once these steps are taken, you can go to the residency. If everything goes well, the residence will be obtained within 12 to 16 months.

Applying for permanent residence in Canada
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What are the conditions for obtaining a Canadian startup visa?

Naturally, one of the necessary conditions is having a good command of English or French language. There’s no other way out, so be sure to improve your English or French. To get a Canadian startup visa, it is necessary to take either of the 2 English language tests CELPIP G-Test and IELTS or either of the 2 French language tests TEF Canada and TCF Canada and get the minimum required score. The next step is to have the initial capital to live on, because the Canadian government does not consider any financial budget for people who intend to stay by the start-up visa. If you are going to get a Canadian start-up visa, it is better to have enough capital to last 6 months of your life. The required amount of this capital is different depending on the number of your family members and their expenses. Finally, one of the most important conditions for a Canadian start-up visa is to prove the business and attract the trust of one of the organizations approved by the Canadian Immigration Department.

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Startup registration conditions

  • Having at least 10% voting rights by each partner or applicant in the startup registration
  • Holding at least 50% voting rights by the applicant/partners + Canadian sponsor investment together
  • Providing documents for the total shares of the company
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A letter of recommendation by a Canadian investor


  • Venture Capital Funds or,
  • Angel Investor groups or,
  • Growth centers (Incubators)

English or French language certificate: CLB 5 in all skills

CLB 5 in all skills

financial ability

$13,213 for 1 person / $19,390 for 3 people

Is the startup visa “permanent”?

The short answer is “yes”, but it should be noted that, to get this visa, you have to take its necessary steps. Initially, you will receive a Canadian work visa for six months, and after six months, permanent residence will be granted for you and your family.