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Sherwin Madani - Canapex Immigration Institute

Sherwin Madani

Shervin Madani, shareholder and vice president of Knapex, born in Iran, Shervin grew up in Tehran until the age of 11. He moved to Germany and lived there before immigrating to Canada in 1993. After finishing his university education, he started working in the private sector and then started working at the Canadian Border Agency. In 2007, Sherwin was selected to attend the Border Patrol Officer Training Program in Rigaud, Quebec. Upon successful completion of this program, he was assigned to the Pacific Border Crossing as a Border Service Officer. In this role, Sherwin enforced Canada’s immigration and customs laws. As part of his duties, he assessed work permit, visitor visa, study permit and asylum applications submitted upon arrival in Canada. In 2012, Sherwin pursued a career as a self-employed immigration consultant after completing Ashton College’s Diploma in Immigration Counseling program. Sherwin also taught the immigration program at Ashton College for 5 years.